How to search by company name, contact name, or brands & products?

Clicking “Company/Executive Name” provides a pop-up window that allows you to input a company’s name within the “Company Name” box. 

Sometimes, exact company name searches will return no results due to small variations in the formal name, for instance “Main Street Realtors” or “Main Street Realty Group” or “Main Street Home Sales”. 

To help find the right company, you can enter a partial name, “Main Street” to view results that would include all three variations in this example.

If the company name is long, such as "Management Information Consulting" consider typing in "Management Information" and then limit the search by state if you know their location. You also may consider entering abbreviated forms of long words. For example, for "Management” enter “Mgmt" or for “Headquarters” enter “HQ”.

Click “Brands & Products” to manually type different brands and products offered by the companies you want to pinpoint.  

Click “Executive” to input a specific name of an executive; put first and last name if you have that information – if not, input what you have. Knowing the wide variations possible in personal names, Salesgenie will also look for related names. For instance if you put “William” in the First Name field, Salesgenie will also return results for “Bill”, “Billy” and “Willy”.

Click “Run Search” at the bottom of the pop-up window when finished. 

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