What business or geography filters are available?

Each filter or criteria selection will narrow your list and will be marked with a green check mark as it’s used. There are over 60 filters divided into 4 broad categories, in order:

Industry SelectionsChoose from Line of Business to Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC Code) and North American Industrial Classifications (NAIC) codes and Major Industry Groups.

PRO TIP: You can focus your search by using “Primary SIC” which searches only using a business’s “Primary Line of Business”, and does not include any Secondary SIC Codes in the search.

Business Size: Choose from employee size to annual revenues by company or location to office square footage and 15 types of business expenditures, from accounting to telecommunications.

GeographyChoose any combination of state, metro area and city to ZIP Code, radius, carrier route, neighborhood and street, including area code and phone number (or parts of phone numbers).

PRO TIP: If you use more than one geographic search criteria (state and a city or MSA and Zip Code(s) etc), and the geography overlaps, Salesgenie includes both geographic selects, but will only count each record once.  For example, if you select the state of Texas and you also select the city of Dallas, Salesgenie will use the Texas footprint because it is larger and includes Dallas.  It will not count overlapping / duplicate geography.  Each record will be counted once so you will not have duplicate records in your list, even if the geography overlaps.

Business CharacteristicsCovers company type (public/private, Fortune 1000, headquarters to branches, foreign parents to the New York, American, NASDAQ, and other stock listings), executives by name, title, gender, and ethnicity to other factors ranging from years in business, credit rating, and a range of contact options, from high deliverable mail to emails and web addresses.

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