How can I search for wealthy households, investors or high tech households?

Select “Personal Finance/High Tech” to get the pop-up offering 3 criteria related to wealth:

Wealthfinder: Search for consumers by household wealth, in ever increasing ranges, from $0 – $3,999 to $2,729,000+.

This is a proprietary data element specifically designed to rank the wealth of every consumer household in the U.S. Wealthfinder strongly correlates to other activities, including household income, investment activity, philanthropic giving, and other behavioral and lifestyle characteristics.

Potential Investors: Look for consumer investing proclivity, ranging from Very Aggressive and Aggressive to Likely and Unlikely or Unknown. These households are more likely to invest and, at the Aggressive level, seek high profits. A good tool for businesses offering financial services, insurance, estate planning, high ticket collectibles, and fund-raising services.

High Tech & Internet Users: This criteria is divided into two: High Tech Household, meaning households likely to own and purchase the newest technology gadgets, and Internet User, meaning this households actively uses the internet.

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