How do I profile my customers? - 360 Marketing

Salesgenie 360’s all-in-one marketing insights software lets you look at your customers and transform intuition into insights.   You may  “think” that you know what your customers look like.  You probably “think” you know what characteristics they have in common.  

To profile your customers, you will first need to upload your customer data into Salesgenie.  To learn how to upload / import your list, Click Here.

Once your customer data is uploaded and matched to Salesgenie’s data, you can access your uploaded data by clicking on the “IMPORTED” tab from the home screen.  This will show you a list of files you’ve previously imported.  Click on the name of the list you’d like to view.

By clicking on the list name, it will take you to the “List View” where you can see the first 25 records in your list.  To view your list’s “Profile”, click on the “OVERVIEW” tab in the top right corner of your screen.  

This will take you to the OVERVIEW screen where you can see the demographic or firmographic profile of your list.

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