What is the Benchmark? - 360 Marketing

The “Benchmark” is a Salesgenie list that is created by using the user’s Salesgenie or Imported list surrounding geographic area. Benchmark lists are created using the following:

  • Imported Consumer Lists — list’s surrounding ZIP Codes
  • Imported Business Lists — list’s surrounding CBSA/Metro area*
  • Salesgenie Consumer or Business Lists — Salesgenie list’s entire Geographic area
  • Consumer or Business Lists with no specific Geographic Area selected — Nationwide

For example, consider a user who has a Consumer Imported list that contains the entire state of Nebraska as its geographic area. The Benchmark list would be created by taking all the Salesgenie records that have a Nebraska ZIP Code.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Salesgenie records have CBSAs. If the user’s business list contains less than 80% CBSA, we will use ZIP Codes instead of CBSAs in creating the Benchmark file.

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