Who should use Salesgenie’s Professional package?

The short answer is Everyone. The features in the Professional package are very powerful and robust.

Some things to consider with the Professional package:

  • Accurate Data: Having the most up-to-date and current information when targeting current customer or finding new prospects is critical to efficiency and success. Salesgenie is the only tool that allows you to manually buy bulk data or add data record by record with strong analytics and cloning tools. We guarantee the quality of our data.
  • CRM Platform: On top of the data, is a customer relationship management platform with essential functionality to help you manage the sales process and your customer list and target prospects. Easily import your existing customer list into your Salesgenie account to bring retention and acquisition marketing together.
  • Marketing Tools: With your customer and prospect lists organized and segmented, quickly deploy the most proven and efficient marketing tools and track your results to improve your marketing.
  • Data + CRM + Marketing All in One Solution: Salesgenie is the only platform that combines all of these core functionalities into one. Streamline your operations and decision-making and save yourself the hassle of trying to get different platforms talking to each other and working together.
  • Affordability: Salesgenie’s subscription levels are comparable to many stand-alone CRM and marketing tools. While Salesgenie easily works with any 3rd party CRM or marketing tool, it’s affordability stands out for bringing all three together.
  • Scalability: The Salesgenie packages allow you to grow with your organization, allowing you to seamlessly add users and functionality as your organization grows.
  • Priority Phone & Email Support: Included at every package, our seasoned team of data-marketing experts are only a phone call away to help you.

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