How do I search by zip code?

Zip Codes are one of the most common geographic criteria, created by the U.S. Postal Service in 1943 to create targeted areas of mail delivery that created the most efficiency. 

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan, used to encourage consumers to adopt the 5-digit ZIP codes in their addressing to speed up delivery when zip codes were first introduced.

USPS uses the first 3 digits of the regular 5-digit zip code to mark larger areas of postal delivery and 9-digit Carrier Routes to divide up zip codes into smaller geographic areas.

Enter a list of separate 3- or 5-digit zip codes in the boxes or paste an entire list of Zip codes from a spreadsheet or text document.

If you’re not exactly sure what zip code(s) you need, use the 3-digit code Lookup feature to find a list of corresponding Zip codes that share the same first three digits and their assigned city and state.

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