What is a saved search?

One of the key features of Genie -- and your best tool when working with Genie’s large and comprehensive databases -- is the Saved Search. 

Saved Searches allow you to take “snapshots” of different combinations of filter criteria, creating a “trail of breadcrumbs” as you get deeper into the data. 

Saving a search is a core feature when using any database in Genie.

With such a large number of options for filtering and sorting, as well as your own Customer Data, this can be invaluable as you test out different variations of filter criteria selections to more narrowly target your lists.

Genie allows an unlimited number of Saved Searches, so use this tool as much as you want.

PRO TIP: Because Genie’s filter criteria selections are progressive, meaning each successive selection applies to the list as its already been narrowed by previous selections, using Saved Searches along the way can help keep you from having to always start from scratch when building a list. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you have uploaded customer data or purchased Genie records, your searches and lists are a “window” into Genie’s databases. That means as records are updated and changed, so will your view of that list. Think of searches and lists as “snapshots” framed by the filter criteria selections that define them.

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