What is considered sensitive data?

As a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Salesgenie follows industry guidelines to ensure privacy protection for consumers. The Direct Marketing Association deems data pertaining to older adults, health care and to financial transactions to be sensitive marketing data, among other data types. Data identifying religion and ethnicity or targeting children must also be used in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

If you have any questions about sensitive data, please contact us directly. An excellent resource for in depth sensitive data information from the DMA can be found here: http://www.the-dma.org/guidelines

The sensitive data available underneath the “Sensitive Data Selections” header within the filters includes data that might also be subject to federal and state laws, like:

  • Mortgage Information
  • Ethnicity or Religion or Language
  • Actual Age
  • Age 65+
  • Grandparents
  • Mortgage or Tradelines (line of credit accounts)

Using this data requires that you acknowledge its sensitive nature in the Salesgenie Sensitive Data Addendum.

What is Required to Use Sensitive Data?

The information can only be obtained after acknowledging the potentially sensitive nature of the data and agreeing to the Salesgenie Sensitive Data Addendum, which requires that:

  • You will comply with all applicable state and federal laws regarding this data, including marketing and customer solicitation laws.
  • You will follow the highest standards of ethical behavior, as outlined by the current Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices from the Direct Marketing Association (dma.org) in the U.S. and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice from the Canadian Marketing Association in Canada.
  • You will not use this data for anything that is misleading, false or offensive or in a way that violates intellectual property or privacy rights.
  • You will upon request provide Data Axle/Salesgenie with any mailing samples, telemarketing scripts or any other marketing materials that may use this data.

Please read the Addendum carefully and follow its guidelines. Click “Accept” to acknowledge your acceptance of the Addendum and to access this data.

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