How do I create a tag?

To create a tag a user must first be in the Tagging feature of the website. To get there a user needs to click on the ‘Tags’ button at the top of the Left Hand navigation which is located on the Results page. 

Once in the Tagging feature of the website a user can create a tag by clicking on the New Tag button. This opens up a type in box for the tag name to be entered. 

  • A tag name cannot be any longer than 20 characters. 
  • A user is prompted with an error message if using the same tag name more than once. 
  • Once a tag name is assigned it will be placed in alphabetical order in the tag list. 
  • The default tag color is dark blue. 

To change a tag’s color a user needs to click on the color beside the tag name in the Left hand navigation and a block of colors to choose from will be displayed. Clicking on any of the colors will change the tag color which will also update the tag color for all associated records.

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