Best Practices - Working With Your Customer Data

There are several powerful features built into Genie to help follow lead nurturing and business list best practices. As you start working with business lists in Genie, consider some of the following:

Our Data: Scan our business list filter criteria to identify the data points most relevant for your business. With the best data available on businesses in the U.S. and Canada, manually verified by a full-time research team and more than 20 million outbound phone calls annually, the world of big data is now at your fingertips. How can our data help supplement your existing business list and current needs?

Your Customer Data: Whether your Customer list is kept in one place or multiple systems, uploading it into Genie will organize duplicates and easily demographics or firmographics. Once the data is appended, you can segment and analyze your customers using hundreds of Genie filters.  Learn how to import your customer data.

Analyzing and Segmenting: Genie’s Lead Status and Tag features allow you to quickly create and easily track an unlimited number of customer segments. The Summary feature allows you to quickly see key characteristics for any segment of your customer list.  

Customer Cloning and Mapping: Genie has two powerful features for quickly using both our data and your data to find your best or closest customers. Customer cloning allows you to start with an ideal customer record and then quickly find similar customers in our databases. Use the mapping feature to view your existing customer segments by geography. Learn how to clone a customer.

Sales & Marketing Platform: With the best data available – a combination of your data and Genie’s – executing marketing campaigns has never been easier. Genie’s handy DIY tools and a phone support team of data marketing experts help insure you are deploying the most effective and efficient marketing tools and techniques available.

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