How do I register for a SAN number?

A Subscription Account Number (SAN) identifies that an organization has registered with the government for updates to the National Do Not Call Registry, a requirement in order to market or sell products or services by telephone. A SAN is assigned to your organization after the registration is complete and payment (if required) is received. 

To register for a SAN, go to the National Do Not Call Registry website and follow these instructions.

Step 1

Get started. From your web browser go to

Step 2

Complete the Organization Information screen.

Step 3

Choose "Seller".

Step 4

Select "Submit".

Step 5

If you agree, select “Yes, I agree” then “Certify”.

Step 6

Record your Organization ID Number and Passwords
Note: Salesgenie requires both a SAN number and Organization ID number to receive lists

Step 7

Login to your email and activate your account by following instructions within email.

Step 8

Select “Manage/Renew Subscriptions”.

Step 9

Log in using your Organization ID and Password provided.
Select “Representative”.

Step 10

Select “Subscribe to Area Codes”.

Step 11

Choose area codes to subscribe to.

Step 12

Select "Area Codes" and click "Continue".

Step 13

It can take up to 1 business day for you to receive your SAN Number.
Wait until you receive your SAN Number to continue onto Step Fifteen

Step 14

Once you have received your SAN, click "View Area Codes".

If you have any difficulty during the process, select “Contact Help Desk”.

Now that you are finished the registration process and have received a SAN, you are ready to place your order.

Please call your Salesgenie representative at 877.708.3844 for immediate assistance.

Or, if you need additional help with your SAN, please contact our Customer Service Experts a call 877.708.3844

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