What can I do with the Free Trial?

Genie’s Free Trial offers you the full-featured Professional package with complete access to Genie’s data management and marketing tools. 

The trial includes 

  • Unlimited access to every business and consumer in the US
  • 10 1-to-1 Email Credits.  (Marketing campaigns are not available during the trial)  
  • Unlimited access to 6 databases so you always have the most up-to-date info
  • Free list counts, to track and reach your target prospects
  • Free market research reports to stay on top of the latest industry trends
  • Free help from our experts to answer any questions along the way

PRO TIP: The Free Trial is an ideal way to explore Genie. It’s only 3 days, though, so plan to give the trial a real test in that time frame.  If you need to extend your trial, no problem.  Call us at 877.708.3844.

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