What are email credits?

Email Credits are used to send emails, purchase email addresses, or “rent” an email address(s).

There are three uses for Email Credits:

  1. Individual Contact Email - 1:1 communication
  2. Email List Download - download list
  3. Email Campaigns - renting emails for campaigns

Individual Contact Email (1:1 communication)

While looking at the Company Detail screen in the U.S. Business database, individual executive fields might display a “Get Email Address” if an email is available. 

Click on the “Get Email Address” to open an email addressed to that executive on your own client email platform, allowing you to send the executive an email directly from your device and your email address.  

This action will use one Email Credit.

Email List Download (business emails only)

When you create a list of executives within the U.S. Business database to purchase with a Lead Credit, you can also add the executive email to the purchase with an Email Credit.  Each email address added to a U.S. Business executive record is one Email Credit.

Email Campaigns (renting emails for campaigns)

This Email Credit works with both the Business and Consumer databases. When using the Email marketing tool to send a campaign, either to Businesses or Consumers, Email Credits will be charged for each campaign. Each individual targeted email recipient is one Email Credit.

NOTE: When using Email Credits for either the Individual Executive Email or Campaign Email, sent email records, replies or form captures that include email addresses give you the ability to “own” those emails and add them to that individual Business or Consumer record. You will not be charged email credits to use these emails in the future.

PRO TIP: If you already have a customer or prospect’s email address, Genie gives you an extremely powerful email marketing tool you can use as part of your paid subscription without spending Email Credits. You will not be charged for email addresses you add on your own to your Genie account, but you can use these email addresses with Genie’s email marketing tool without being charged for an Email Credit.

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