What is the quality of Genie data?

Genie is built using Data Axle's data, which is widely known as the industries most reliable and accurate source for marketing data. We rely on the best sources and data partners to keep our data updated and fresh.

In an independent and blind audit of over 100,000 records from our database, compared to a similar number of records from the other four largest data providers, Data Axle consistently delivered the highest quality and most accurate data. Conducted by a major academic institution, the audit used live telephone surveys with a representative sample to achieve a 95% confidence level in its results.

There’s a good reason why the top 5 search engines and GPS providers have chosen our data to power your daily routine.

As you would expect, that data is constantly changing. 

Here are some facts.  Every hour:

  • 1,537 new businesses will open
  • 1,231 businesses will close
  • 414 telephone numbers will change or disconnect
  • 365 business addresses will change
  • 361 executive/management changes will occur
  • 1,117 URLs will be created or changed
  • 471 companies will alter their line of business
  • 132 companies will change their corporate structure

Because of these changes, no business or consumer database can be 100% accurate, which is why we offer our 100% Data Satisfaction Guarantee.  Read more about our Satisfaction Guarantee Here

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