Who should use Salesgenie Team?

If you’re managing a sales team of one or more, the Team subscription level package could be ideal for you.

Salesgenie Team gives your sales team the best data tied to a straightforward customer relationship management (CRM) tool that also allows you to manage, message and track your team while integrating marketing tools to help them.

Search: Advanced search functionality allows you to target, segment and view all of our industry leading business and consumer  databases.  Truly unlimited access to information on every business and consumer in the US and Canada.

Assign: The lead assignment tool allows you to filter your list and assign leads to each member of your sales team, keeping them focused and productive.

Reach: Find business contacts, send 1-to-1 emails, or make prospecting calls using the integrated Click-To-Call Dialer.

Track: Get instant insights when tracking the activity of your sales team. Monitor the number of leads worked and customers won.  Improve your forecasting by analyzing trends.  Performance tracking can be an important motivational tool to increase your team’s productivity and accountability.

Salesgenie Team always makes sure you have the most current and up-to-date information.

Salesgenie helps you leverage the strengths of traditional marketing, online marketing, and direct mail into a successful multi-channel campaign.  Using two, three, or more channels for lead generation can improve response rates by as much as 35%.  You’ll have access to the necessary marketing tools along with with the experience and support of our customer success team.

If it’s hard tracking your team’s activity and keeping them motivated, Salesgenie Team allows you to quickly assign leads and track their progress, so managers can focus on helping team members succeed.

If you’ve always wanted to align and integrate sales and marketing, welcome to the Salesgenie Team Edition.

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