Who uses Salesgenie?

Anyone or any business can use Salesgenie…. really!  

From the small business to enterprise, Salesgenie helps clients of all sizes increase their sales.

Family dental practices looking to target families with young children, merchant service companies looking for brand new businesses just opening their doors, sporting goods stores who seek to identify recreational vehicle owners, home security companies wanting to identify new homeowners in their service area, even busy executives who manage a national sales force … all know the effectiveness of gaining powerful insights to that allow them to make better decisions in identifying their next sale.

While Salesgenie combines everything you need to find new customers into one convenient and easy-to-use online tool, different businesses use it for a lot of different reasons.

Business to Business (B2B) Marketers

There are hundreds of different industries in the Business-to-Business category using Salesgenie to grow their sales. Our databases of 25 million U.S. businesses, new businesses, and Canadian businesses and our hundreds of different criteria allow B2B marketers to use the best data to find customers and leads and quickly reach them with our marketing tools. 

Some B2B businesses that have success with Salesgenie include:

  • Office Equipment and Supplies: Target purchasing managers whether your products are office supplies, furniture or equipment or anything office related.
  • Computers and IT Services: Find IT decision-makers and quickly reach them with your product or service.
  • Business Services: From human resource to legal or accounting services, target your best industries and specific companies to grow your service clientele.
  • Distributors and Manufacturers: Looking for new customers to grow your distribution or manufacturing networks? Salesgenie lets you find any business in any industry, target their key characteristics and drill down to find decision-makers.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketers

Nearly every industry serving individuals in the Business-to-Consumer category can find important ways to grow their sales with Salesgenie. Our databases of 245 million consumers and New Movers puts important information and marketing tools at your fingertips.

Some B2C industries that success with Salesgenie include:

  • Home Services: From landscapers, roofers and security systems, to real estate agents, home remodeling and pest control, Salesgenie's targeting criteria geography, own/rent, and home value are invaluable to maximizing your efforts. Our marketing tools help you reach the right customer at the right time.
  • Personal Services: From medical providers, insurance agents and funeral homes, Salesgenie data helps you target consumers from cradle to grave. Our marketing tools help start a direct conversation with customers.
  • Automotive Services: Our U.S. Consumer database is matched with the leading automotive data provider so car dealers, service shops, insurance agents and more can focus their marketing efforts to grow new sales.  Create marketing campaigns targeting automobile owners using the car’s make, model, year, VIN (vehicle identification number) along with hundreds of standard demographic and geographic selects.

Business to Consumer and Business to Business (B2B and B2C) Marketers

If your industry serves both businesses and consumers, then Salesgenie is a great dual platform. From auctioneers recruiting auctions and buyers, to media companies recruiting advertisers and audiences, Salesgenie serves both needs. 

You can easily manage both sets of lists and leverage marketing tools to both audiences across channels.

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