Why choose Salesgenie?

We all know that every business needs sales, which means a steady stream of customers. Finding those customers is often a tedious, time-consuming and manual process. Imagine having a custom tool that took the guesswork out of prospecting and retention, taking you to the right prospect at exactly the right time.

Our database of 25 million businesses and 245 million consumers is continuously updated, ensuring that not only will your marketing efforts reach the right people, but Salesgenie’s marketing tools will help you reach them at the right time. Our data is so reliable that it’s used by the world’s top Internet search engines and North America’s premier in-car navigation system.

Our team of experts will work with you as your business grows, making sure you retain your best customers and enabling you to reach new ones. We’ll work with you to design, test and deploy marketing campaigns and track their success.

Simply put, you should use Salesgenie to grow your sales – whether that means retention or acquisition marketing. There are several features that separate Salesgenie as you’re all-in-one sales and marketing tool.

  • Highest quality data
  • Comprehensive platform
  • Proven marketing tools
  • Ease of use
  • Real, live U.S. telephone Support

You invest a lot of time into building your business. When it comes to finding new business, having the most comprehensive and up-to-date information is absolutely vital. When it comes time to reach customers and prospects, the right marketing tools are critical. Save yourself time and money while improving your return on investment.

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