How do I search using geography?

Your target geographic area is one of the building blocks of a sound marketing strategy and growing your business. Customers usually cluster by a number of geographic characteristics and Genie allows you a high level of granularity to find the specific customers you’re trying to reach.

Geography is also a common criteria shared by both the Business and Consumer databases, so this section will help with both.

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Knowing your target geographic areas creates efficiency in all of your marketing efforts, from direct marketing to digital and advertising.  With a basic knowledge of your customer -- demographic and behavioral data for consumers and business types and size for businesses -- you can find neighborhoods and commercial centers that represent areas of high opportunity. Genie’s cloning tools make this easy if you have an exact customer you would like to broadly match.

Keep track of your geo-targeted lists by using the main geographic criteria in the list’s name when saving it, typically that’s the neighborhood, city or state.

Genie allows you multiple ways to explore the geography of your customers. We’ll explore using Map Based Search and the mapping tool to visualize different geographic criteria next, but first it’s best to know the selects and how it fits best for your lead strategy.

There are over 11 different geographical search criteria to consider when you setting your selecting your target areas. They start at specific addresses, down to the street number, from area codes to phone numbers.

PRO TIP: If you use more than one geography search criteria (state and a city or MSA and zip code(s) etc), and the geography overlaps, Genie include both geographic selects, but will only count each record once.  

For example, if you select the state of Texas and you also select the city of Dallas, Genie will use the Texas footprint because it is larger and includes Dallas.  It will not count overlapping / duplicate geography.  Each record will be counted once so you will not have duplicate records in your list, even if the geography overlaps.

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