How can I search by home value?

Home Value data is estimated from 3 major components:

  • Assessor based valuations adjusted by sales price (if available)
  • Sales price
  • Statistical modeling

It starts with county level assessment information and quarterly sales appreciation or depreciation (increases or decreases over valuation), along with household level assessment and/or sales price data to determine an estimated home value.

If household level data is not available (either by assessment or sales price), a statistical model is employed to calculate estimated home value.
Approximately 80% of the home value data in our databases are calculated from information and assessments by a county.

There are a number of estimated Home Value ranges to choose from, starting in $25,000 increments up to $199,999 in value, then $50,000 increments up to $499,999, and finally in $100,000 increments up to $1,000,000+.

Click on the estimated Home Value ranges in the Available column to move them into the Selected column.

PRO TIP: To find consumers by actual Home Sale Price or Estimated Home Equity and not Home Value, use the Home Size criteria. To find more criteria selections around actual mortgages, go to the Sensitive Data Selections area.

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