5 Basic Steps to Multi-channel Marketing

  1. Know Your Customer: Study the data and your customer relationships
  2. Trace Their Purchase Journey:  It never hurts to ask customers, whenever you can
  3. Focus on the Most Direct Path First: Start with existing customers where you can and focus on where improvements can matter most quickest
  4. Build out from there: Multi-channel marketing is an ongoing process
  5. Measure and Improve: This can be hardest the part, but you can’t improve your marketing if you don’t know what to fix

Note: While a multi-channel campaign employs multiple channels simultaneously, you can only use one Marketing Tool at a time in Salesgenie. Plan your Direct Mail and Email campaigns and schedule their delivery dates. 

Use the Phone Campaign (U.S. Businesses only), when you’re ready to start talking to customers. Accessing the Direct Mail or Email campaign marketing tools will pause and exit your Calling Campaign.

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