What are the challenges of multi-channel marketing?

  • Complexity: Think through every step of the process, but start simple and use the lessons learned from the results of your campaigns to improve your efforts
  • Choreography: Timing is important across and within channels. When to start, how to coordinate channels, and in what order to refine your message are all important to helping the buyer on in their purchase journey to you.
  • Attribution: Because the idea is to use multiple channels at once, often it’s challenging to identify which channel is performing the best. Especially until you’ve had some experience and track record working with multi-channel marketing campaigns. Two common models are last touch, which gives 100% credit to the last channel, or linear, which spreads credit evenly across channels.

Multi-Channel Marketing can be complicated, but let that happen naturally as you learn what to measure, what that measurement means and how you can use it to improve. Start simple and let it become more complex with experience and data-based results.

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