How can I use customized views?

With so much information, Genie’s views can be overwhelming. There are a few options to customize your views.

Customizing Filter Criteria Options (the left sidebar in the Search/Build List view)

By default, the filter criteria options in the left sidebar of the List View provide every data characteristic option available in Genie. To remove any of these from the sidebar, click on the “Edit” button at the top. You will then see a list of all the filter criteria selection with check-boxes next to each one. Remove the check to remove that filter criteria from your left sidebar.

Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom to save your changes. Next to it, you can select “Restore Default” to bring back a view of all of the filter criteria.

Customizing the view of individual business and consumer records

The individual business and consumer detail views have the most information, but also the most flexibility for viewing. Both of these views are anchored by “data windows” -- grouping similar data characteristics together in boxes.

Hover on the header bar of any of these data windows to see a 4-arrow icon. Click on the header bar to drag and drop that data window to a different location in your individual record/detail view.

Also, in the top right corner of each box are three options that will change the view of individual and business consumer records.

  • Collapse/Open: Collapse that data window so only the header and the title for that data window can be seen, but not any of the data characteristics within. Click again to open that window.
  • 1 column/2 column: Make that data window either 1 column or 2 column in the individual record/detail view. A mix of 1 and 2 column views can be useful.
  • Remove: Delete that data window from the individual record/detail view.

PLEASE NOTE: You can restore the Default Layout with all of the data windows by clicking on “Revert to Default Layout” at the bottom of the left sidebar of the individual record/detail view. The “Toggle Classic/Column View” will switch between 1 column (Classic) and 2 column (Column) views for your data windows.

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