Notes, Follow-Ups, Lead Status, Tags & Customized Views

There are a number of fields within Salesgenie that help you organize and track your lists, whether those are saved searches or customer data that’s been imported. These are data fields included in Salesgenie solely for your use. 

The following fields apply to all of Salesgenie’s databases, but there is no information associated with them until you enter the data, which remains exclusively tied to your account:

Notes: This a long text field for any notes or observations you would like to make on that business or consumer. This field is usually the catch-all for any information that doesn’t fit in the other fields.

Follow-ups:  Set a date and select a time to attach to a business or consumer for follow-up activity by yourself or your team. Perfect for when a prospect asks you to contact them back at a specific date and time or useful in scheduling general follow-up activities.

The total number of follow-ups will appear in the top section of the Summary box in the Home Dashboard. Click to view the Follow-up schedule screen to see all of your follow-ups by date, with links to the detail view.

Lead Status: A way to qualify your prospects by their chances of becoming customers. You can create your own custom lead statuses with their own color variation by clicking on “Lead Status” under “Customize” in the “My Account” main menu item. You can also assign a Lead Status to every record in a Customer Data upload.

Salesgenie comes with the following five default lead statuses that can be customized and reordered based on your specific needs:

  • Hot Lead
  • Warm Lead
  • Cold Lead
  • Customer (Won)
  • Dead Lead

Tags: Tags are labels that you can apply to individual records across lists of saved searches and customer data uploads. These are completely customized to your Salesgenie account. You can also assign a Tag to every record in a Customer Data upload. To create or edit your list of tags, click on the “Tags” icon in the very top left corner of the left sidebar in a Search/Build List view.

Customized Views: With so many data points possible for any individual record, it can be a lot to take in visually. Organize your views to focus on the data that is most relevant to you and your team.

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