How do I remove my customers from a list?

Not only will uploading your Customer Data allow you to scrub and append your existing customer list and to reach them with Salesgenie’s marketing tools, it will also allow you to exclude existing customers when building lists of new prospects or targeting a marketing campaign. 

To omit or exclude customer records from your list, you should first use the Customer Data upload tool.  

Click Here to learn how to upload your customer data.

Once you have uploaded your customer list into Salesgenie, click on the “EXCLUSIONS” heading at the bottom of the filters list you will see a filter criteria selection for “OMIT: Imported Lists”.

Check the box next to "OMIT: Imported Lists" to see a pop-up showing the list of files you've uploaded into your account. These files will display in the "Available" column. Click on the customer lists you want to exclude to move it to the “Selected” column.  

Then click "Run Search".  Your new list will not include any matched records from your customer data.

PLEASE NOTE: This option will not appear unless you have completed a Customer Data upload.

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