How do I remove Redbox records from my list?

Since the Salesgenie data is used by the top 5 search engines and in-car navigation companies, these point of interest locations are important.  However, if you’re a marketer, you probably don’t need to send a postcard to an Redbox (or ATM).  

It’s easy to remove the POI (point-of-interest) locations from your list.   At the bottom of the left search sidebar, chose “OMIT: Line of Business/SIC”.

Type “Redbox” in the search box to find the SIC Code for Automated Teller Machines in the “Results” column.   

Click “784108 - VIDEO RENTAL KIOSKS” which will highlight and move that SIC code to the “Selected” column.  

Then click “Run Search” to update your results.  No more ATMs!

For more information on omitting criteria selections, go here.

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