What is 360 Marketing?

Salesgenie 360 combines your customer data with the intelligence of Salesgenie’s diverse data sources into one view, enabling you to understand and target the best prospects for your business. Create, automate, and track targeted personalized email and direct mail, analyze open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes and bounces, manage unsubscribes, and much more.

Salesgenie 360 helps customers manage four main tasks in marketing: manage lists of customers and potential new customers, create targeted email and direct mail campaigns, and analyze and track the results with real-time campaign reports.

Salesgenie 360 Marketing users will be able to:

  • Append - Customer records matching the Salesgenie data will be appended with a every available data element. 
  • Segment - Search and create customer segments using a number of variables including custom fields and appended demographic / firmographic data. 
  • Profile- Profile Analysis / Insights - Analyze your customers, prospects, and markets to see what they look like.
    • Transform data into a 360° view of customers element by element 
    • Analyze custom data segments to further refine results. (best customers, worst customers, inactive customers, responders, etc) 
    • Analyze the demographics (U.S. Consumer) or firmographics (U.S. Business) of your Salesgenie or uploaded lists. 
  • Visualize - Salesgenie 360 will provide the ability to visualize and interact with customer and prospect data via charts, graphs, and maps. 
  • Analyze - The penetration “Index” compares your customers with their respective demographic / firmographic traits in a given area to potential prospects with the same traits. This index will allow you to predict which segments are more or less likely to respond / convert. 
  • Campaigns - Create targeted postal and email campaigns based off of the analysis using customized or pre-built templates and assets. 
  • Track - Track campaign responses by using real-time activity and delivery reporting (response, clicks, opens, bounced, forward, spam complaint, unsubscribed, opt-outs). 
  • Refine - Target responders and further segments using response tracking features like auto-tagging and trigger based campaigns. Salesgenie 360 will automatically help you learn over time which channel or messaging performs the best and provide recommendations or insights on how to react. 

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