How can I view or edit the filters in a saved search?

For each filter you use in your saved search, you will see a green checkmark (1) next to the filter description. To remove a selection, hover over the checkmark.  A red X (2) will appear.  If you click the X, that filter criteria will be removed.

To see all selections in a single view, click on the “Review Criteria” button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

A pop-up window will appear with collapsible windows for each of the filter criteria selections. You can also select or deselect any filters from this view.  (1)  

To update the count, click "Update Count" (2).  

When you are finished, click "Run Search" (3).

PLEASE NOTE: Editing or changing filter criteria selections will create a new list. You will have to use the “Save” icon in the action toolbar to save the edited or modified list under a new list name.

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