How do I find people turning 65 years old?

In the United States, 65 years old is a common age for consumers to start participating in two federal programs – Medicare and Social Security. Reaching these consumers ahead of this milestone is important for a wide range of businesses, from insurance companies to medical providers.

To find consumers turning 65 years old, start with Build A List from the U.S. Consumer database and follow these 4 steps.:

1) Go to the “Sensitive Data Selections” filter criteria set in the left sidebar and select “Actual Age”. 

Accept Genie's Sensitive Data Addendum and the "Actual Age" pop-up window will appear.

2) In the Actual Age “From” and “To” fields, enter 65. This will be based on the current year you are in when searching.

Underneath that, click on the month in the Birth Month - Available column so it appears in the Selected column on the right.

Click on “Run Search” in the lower right corner and wait for the List View (results view) to load.

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