Marketing Tools: Best Practices for Prospecting By Phone

When keeping in mind a few best practices, prospecting by phone can be very successful.

Call the Right People: Just like any marketing campaign, you will want to thoroughly vet your prospects before calling. You wouldn’t send a postcard to every business in a ZIP Code, so why would you call them? If you do make a call and it doesn’t seem like they’re a good fit for your products or services, don’t push them. Your time would be better spent calling another prospect on your list so your efforts are focused on someone who may be a good fit.

Prep for Each Customer: Make sure you have trained for an intelligent, relevant conversation that your prospects can’t resist. Also, know your business inside and out. If you can answer questions and offer solutions, your prospects will feel like they’ve been called by a true partner.

Use the Customer Detail sidebar to customize your introduction and quickly personalize the conversation.

First Impressions: After building a final list, setting up a calling campaign and actually starting that first call, what do you do next? The answer is that you need a strong opener. Have your introduction down cold. You have just seconds to capture someone’s attention and only a few more seconds to convince them to continue the conversation or to take a follow up call or meeting. Be polite, courteous, friendly and confident.

There are four elements to a strong first impression

  1. Be clear with who you are: State your name
  2. Be clear about the organization you represent: State your company name
  3. Provide quick proof of your authority: Examples of authority include customer knowledge (use the detail screen on the right for key bits of information about the prospect on the other side of the line), the age, market penetration or reputation of your organization, or referrals your prospect will recognize
  4. Offer a benefit to the listener that initiates a conversation: Be clear quickly why your call is worth their time and why they should talk with you

Track to Keep Prepping: Continual training and follow-up is key to a calling campaign’s success. One of the advantages of prospecting by phone is near instantaneous feedback to your messaging. Gauge your prospects reaction by their most enthusiastic responses, longest pauses, and their follow-up questions. 

Track calling campaign results with lead statuses, tags, notes,  and follow-ups. Update your information to stay current with any changes. Continuing education keeps everyone on the same page.

NOTE: Genie’s Team edition allows you to add messages to every list to keep your team informed of updates anytime they go to that list. If you are unhappy with the success of your calling campaign, try to figure out why, and then adapt.

Genie Dialer lets you easily call your business leads, view company details, and create notes and follow-ups. It helps increase productivity, organization and makes calling campaigns more successful.

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