What consumer demographic or geographic filters are available?

Each filter or criteria selection will narrow your list and will be marked with a green check mark as it’s used. There are over 40 filters divided into 6 broad categories, in order:

  • Geography: Where consumers reside, from state, metro areas and city to ZIP Codes, radius, carrier routes, neighborhoods, and streets, including area code and phone numbers (or parts of phone numbers). Learn More
  • PRO TIP: If you use more than one geographic search criteria (state and a city or MSA and Zip Code(s) etc), and the geography overlaps, Salesgenie includes both geographic selects, but will only count each record once.  For example, if you select the state of Texas and you also select the city of Dallas, Salesgenie will use the Texas footprint because it is larger and includes Dallas.  It will not count overlapping / duplicate geography.  Each record will be counted once so you will not have duplicate records in your list, even if the geography overlaps.
  • Consumer Characteristics: Everything from basic demographic information such as age range or exact age, gender, marital status, number of children, household income along with behavioral information such as lifestyle interests, mail order purchase history, investment activity, technology use, ethnicity, language, and more.
  • Automobile Data: Vehicle specifics such as the number of vehicles owned or the make, model or year and purchase dates of vehicles owned.  VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number) is available and included on records for download, however you may NOT use VIN as a selection criteria.
  • Housing Selections: Details including but not limited to type of residence, length of residence, size of home, home value, and boat ownership.
  • Sensitive Data SelectionsSensitive data includes actual age, 65+ grandparents, mortgage, and number of credit accounts.
  • Marketing Selections: Includes contacts per household, high deliverable (using mailability score) and phone numbers. Consumer phone number availability is governed by federal law and can only be released with an approved Subscription Account Number (SAN)from the Federal Trade Commission, or by waiver. Find more about acquiring a SAN here.

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