What is a dialer?

The last item in the “Manage” submenu in the “My Account” menu, go here to set-up Genie’s auto-dialer functionality, or to look at previous Call Logs.

Genie Dialer seamlessly ties the prospecting power of Genie with our cutting-edge dialing technology. It’s the only sales solution available that lets you easily call your business leads, view company details, and create notes and follow-ups—all with the click of a button.

Genie Dialer will help you Improve productivity using the Campaign Dialer function.  Increase contact rates with prospects by 25% or more.  The Genie dialer also helps you stay organized with integrated features allowing you to save notes, schedule follow-up calls, and more.

The Genie Dialer allows you to conduct a calling campaign to prospects or customers all within the same platform.  

Phone Dialer Features:

  • Campaign dialer – Call, research, and manage an entire list of leads, all in one place.  Avoid misdials and save time by dialing directly from Genie.
  • Notes and tasks – Schedule follow-up calls and save notes about your conversations.
  • Call result tags – Flag leads you’ve already called so they won’t show up in future searches and call lists.
  • Call logs / tracking reports – Keep track of calls made with detailed reports to track your prospecting activity.

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