Salesgenie Professional – What’s Included?

All free trials of Salesgenie start with the Professional package. This level is a great starting point for anyone to understand the power of Salesgenie’s databases and basic data management and marketing functionality.

Used by thousands of managers and business owners, the Professional package gives you access to the Salesgenie’s all-in-one sales, marketing and lead generation (new customer) platform.


Access to Salesgenie’s world-class databases, maintained by a $20 million annual investment and 300 full-time U.S.-based researchers and data integrators:

  • 25 million U.S. Businesses, compiled from over 6200 sources, maintained to the highest data integrity standards and manually validated by 20 million phone calls annually.
  • 245 million U.S. Consumers and households compiled from 29 billion records, modeled and measured to set the standard for quality.
  • Additional databases or customized databases are available at an additional charge, including:
  • Automobile Owners and Data: Sourced from manufacturers, dealers, service centers and other auto-related products, reach 60 million consumers based on the vehicles they own.
  • New Business database: Approximately 4 million new businesses open every year
  • New Movers & Homeowners: An estimated 300,000 consumers move every week
  • Canadian Businesses & Consumers: More than 13.5 million Canadian consumers and 1.5 million Canadian businesses

Sales Lead & List Tools

Unlimited Searches and Views: Find any business or any consumer, view detailed profiles and save your searches to create endless targeting and segmenting options

Google Mapping: Target clusters of prospects or customers with advanced mapping and visualization tools.

Print, Export and send to CRM: Export the most current and up-to-data for printing, mailing or importing to other systems, from accounting software like Quickbooks to CRMs like Salesforce.

Prospecting & Tracking Tools

Lead Statuses, Tags, Notes and Follow-ups: Organize your customers and prospects with CRM functionality that tracks leads in the sales funnel, remembers past conversations and important talking points and schedules follow-up action items.

Mobile and iPad app: Take Salesgenie’s world-class databases and lead tracking platform wherever you go, on any device.

Additional prospecting tools are available for an additional charge:

  • Customer Data uploads: Analyze your existing customer list and look for opportunities to boost your marketing and clean up bad information
  • Profile and enhance Customer Data: Add important data to your existing customer list and update old information. Additional charges apply.
  • Suppress Existing Customers when List Building: Target new customers by removing existing customers from your marketing efforts
  • Unlimited Executive Emails from the U.S. Business database: Send emails from your own email client to the top executives and managers at U.S. businesses with one click.  
  • Marketing Tools: These are available with every package, however the reporting and charges (learn more about marketing credits here) can change with the different packages. These marketing tools include:
  • Phone Dialer (Calling Campaign) – U.S. Business Only: Power a calling campaign with automated record management and phone dialing technology – letting you and your team track calls and spend more time with customers. Uses Dialer Minutes
  • Direct Mail Campaign: Get in your prospects and customers hands with Salesgenie’s DIY or Concierge service direct mail tools. Billed based on campaign details
  • Email Campaign: Get into your prospects and customers inboxes with Salesgenie’s DIY or Concierge service email marketing tool. Uses Email Credits (Prospect and Subscribed).

PRO TIP: There is no additional charge to use the email marketing tool with you’re your existing email list, as long as you provide it through the Customer Data upload feature.

  • Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click: Reach customers and prospects as they research online working with our elite Google Premier Partner team. Billed by the campaign.
  • Programmatic/Online Display Ads: Target customers and prospects as they browse the internet with our advanced online display ad team. Billed by the campaign.

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