How can I search by actual age, age ranges, or birth month?

This unusual mix of consumer criteria is grouped together under the “Sensitive Data Selections” group in the U.S. Consumer search sidebar.

Because of the sensitive nature of this data, you must explicitly agree to Sensitive Data Terms and Conditions before accessing it. More on Sensitive Data can be found here.

How can I search by actual age, age ranges, or birth month?

NOTICE: Please learn about Sensitive Data before using these criteria selections.

Click on the “Actual Age ” criteria link under Sensitive Data Selections and a pop-up window will give you these 3 options:

Actual Age: Here you can narrow your search to specific ages or unique age ranges. Enter the starting age in years in the “From” field and the ending age in years in the “To” field. To target a specific age, enter the same age in years in both the “From” and “To” fields.

PRO TIP: If you are looking for the standard age ranges used in most marketing and modeling cases, use the Age Range selection under Consumer Characteristics.

Age Range 65+: Select this option to target consumers that are 65 years or older. This criteria is ideal for industries trying to reach Medicare and Social Security recipients.

Birth Month: Click on the month in the “Available” column to move it into the “Selected” column.

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