How can I update or change a saved search?

Salesgenie Professional

Each time you Save a search, you are effectively creating a new saved search or new list.

The Save feature functions more like a Save As, similar to how Save As works in Microsoft Word or Excel.  

Salesgenie Team

Salesgenie Team has a "View / Edit Criteria" function and is only available to Admin users

In the My Leads section under the Lists tab, select “View/Edit Criteria” from the 3-button stack menu at the end of the row with the list name. 

A pop-up will display the criteria for that list. 

Click "Edit" in the lower left corner to load the list.   Once your list is loaded, you can change / edit the list criteria. 

When you are finished editing your criteria, click “Save” at the bottom left corner of the page.  

A pop-up window will display the total number of records and the number of records deleted from the update before requiring your confirmation to save the update.

PLEASE NOTE: When you change your list criteria, you may have assigned records that fall outside your new list criteria.  Removing a lead from your list will delete the lead assignment. Notes and tags will remain.

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