How can I search by length of residence or year built?

Click on the “Length of Residence / Year Built ” criteria link under Housing Selections and a pop-up window will give you these two options. 

While the Length of Residence maxes out at 50+ years a consumer has resided in a home, the Year Built selections starts in 1700, hundreds of years ago!

Length of Residence: Under the Length of Residence header, use the range of years a consumer has resided at the same address to narrow your search. Enter the starting number of years (minimum value 1 year) in the “From” field and the final number of years (maximum value 50 years) in the “To” field.

Year Built: Under the Year Built header, use the year their home was built to narrow your consumer search. Enter the starting year (starts in 1700) in the “From” field and the final year (the present year) in the “To” field.

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