How can I search by homeowners / renters or housing type?

Click on the “Home Ownership / Housing Type” criteria link under Housing Selections and a pop-up window will give you these options.

Homeowners & Renters

There are 4 different selections under the “Home Ownership” heading, select any that apply:

Renter: Confirmed renter likely to be living in an apartment or MFDU (Multi-Family Dwelling Unit).

Probable Homeowner: Calculated based on U.S. Census information indicating an owner occupied area. Records with a unit number or designated as a high rise by the U.S. Postal Service are removed.

Confirmed Homeowner: Confirmed by Deed data (ownership records usually kept at the county level) and phone verification.

Unknown: Under the “Housing Type” header, click any of the six housing types in the Available column to move that criteria into the Selected column. 

Housing Type

The housing types available include:

  • Multi-Family Dwelling (MDFU)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • Single Family Dwelling (SFDU)
  • Trailer Court
  • Unknown

This will generally match U.S. Postal Service data for the housing type at each individual address.

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